It is no secret that Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Marquez Dee and Thai counterpart Anntonia Porsild have become the best of friends within the short span they’ve been together. As they reunite in Manila for a magazine project, the beauty queen duo exchange nothing but words of appreciation and admiration for each other.

Miss Universe 2023 first runner-up Anntonia Porsild arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport yesterday, January 30, and was immediately given a warm welcome by MMD. 

In a report by Aubrey Carampel, their sweet bestie relationship is described as “authentic and genuine,” and it was on full display when they answered questions from the press.

“Since the whole PorDee thing happened, I am just glad that we represent something so amazing, especially because it's not fake,” said MMD. 

“I just want everybody to know that Anntonia is such an amazing person,” the Miss U Top 10 finalist added. 

Anntonia shared a similar sentiment about Michelle, suggesting that it is the latter’s authenticity that she truly admires.

“What I admire most about Michelle is that she is someone who is, and I brought this up earlier as well, not afraid to be who she is and be her true authentic self - which is something that's really hard to find in the beauty queen industry,” she explained.

In an earlier interview with Aubrey Carampel, they were asked what the secret is to a friendship and chemistry like theirs.

”Honestly I don't think there is any secret to great chemistry, it's just that Anntonia and I, when we first talked we had a lot of similarities so it came naturally,” remarked MMD.

“The most important thing is we are both very true to who we are and that's how we connected, we were just friends with genuine authenticity the entire time,” added Anntonia.

The beauty queens seemed very ecstatic about seeing each other again - a reunion they have been teasing in the past weeks on Instagram.

Since Anntonia’s airport arrival, she and MMD have been virtually inseparable, greeting fans and attending press conferences together. They were also quick to put out brand new entries on Tiktok in typically gorgeous #PorDee fashion.