It was the start of her happy ever after but a bride in Goa, Camarines Sur ended up defending photos from her wedding that had gone viral. She also called out netizens who made negative comments even without knowing the real story.

"Siguro kung ma-post kamo, dawa dae ka magpaaram, at least aram nindo si story behind kang picture. Bako lang basta lang ma-post," said Mary Joy Cinco who had just tied the knot with her husband, Lowie. 

But Lowie became the subject of criticism when photos from the wedding showing Mary Joy being carried by a man surfaced on social media. The man in the photographs is not Lowie but actually their wedding coordinator, Jun John Pacay. 

Some netizens were quick to question why it was not Lowie who carried Mary Joy, instead. 

Mary Joy explained that it was a snap decision on the part of Pacay to lift her to her destination when she said her heels might get buried in the mud. 

It had been raining for days at that time and they had to cross a muddy area to go to the reception venue from the location of the wedding ceremony. 

"Si Sir J [Pacay], nasa kataid ko talaga ta nag-aassist. Sabi ko ki Sir J, 'Sir J, malubog ako, naka-heels ako, panohon ko ini?' Ang ginibo ni Sir J, dae nang hapot-hapot, kinulkol niya ako tapos binalyo niya ako duman sa part na halos five steps man lang kuta ito," she said.

Pacay echoed Mary Joy and said he decided to just carry her to make sure her outfit would not get ruined. 

"Sunod-sunod na aldaw baga kaya mauran. May portion duman sa location na malaboy talaga din tapos kaipuhan ming magbalyo duman sa may fountain. Para dae din maatian si bride, siyempre naka wedding gown siya, nag-initiate na lang din talaga ako ang mabuhat," Pacay said.

Besides, he said, as coordinator, he always went the extra mile to make sure his events went smoothly. He said he never meant to steal the spotlight away from the groom. 

"Gina-guide ko lang sinda. Ngunyan, iyo lang talaga ito ang nahihiling ko na madaling gibuhon para mapadali ang mga bagay-bagay; kasi trabaho ni coordinator ang mapa-smooth ang flow kang event," he said.

Mary Joy said that because of what Pacay did, moving to the reception venue became faster, especially that they did not want their guests waiting.