Wanting to share the passion for science to public school children and hoping to nurture would-be scientists from her hometown, a Minglanillahanon who is based in the US is planting the seeds of a science laboratory that can be accessed by any science enthusiast in Minglanilla, southern Cebu.

Lecar Marie Maghanoy, a graduate of the Cebu Normal University with a major in Biological Science, has been teaching for four years now at the Thornton High School under the Jefferson Union High School District in California, USA as a cultural exchange participant and where she is an instructional coach.

Thankful for the opportunities that she has received through her years of teaching, Maghanoy is now giving back to the educational institution in her local community that helped nurture her as a young teacher.

She sent to Tubod National High School the following equipment to start a science laboratory: three electronic microscopes with ready-made slides, test tube holders, wire gauze, stop watches, alcohol lamps, lens cleaning papers, as well as various kinds of litmus papers, among others.

Mr. Charlie Gerasmio, principal of Tubod National High School, received the equipment alongside several teachers who were all elated with the equipment that can establish a science laboratory for the school, where Maghanoy was also a member of the faculty.

Maghanoy has been a consistent donor for the academic institution, promoting culture and traditions by sponsoring school fiestas, intramurals, prizes for the school’s academic competitions, and other such activities that can aid the holistic development of the youth.

She has also given full support for the school’s athletes to help develop the grassroots sports activities through her contribution during municipal meet, volleyball leagues, among others.

Aside from putting up the science laboratory for the children, Maghanoy, a member of the prestigious National Science Teachers Association in the US and awarded Educator of the Year in her school district, also plans to help the children in Minglanilla’s public school by sending computers and printers for free printing services. 

(Info courtesy: Minglanilla Public Information Office)