<p>Laoag City in Ilocos Norte paid homage to its iconic mode of transportation, the kalesa, in the 2024 Pamulinawen Festival.&nbsp;</p><p>A parade of 20 colorful kalesas filled the city streets as part of the celebration of the Pamulinawen Festival 2024.</p><p>Kalesas are well-known in the city, serving as a unique mode of transportation, especially for tourists, and the Laoag City Tourism Office aims to preserve its culture and history.</p><p>The parade was accompanied by the resounding beat of drums from students of Ilocos Norte National High School.</p><p>The kalesas featured various designs adorned with vibrant decorations, showcasing indigenous materials like palay (rice), corn, and abaca.</p><p>Some kalesas even used educational materials. Others depicted sunflowers and the sun, symbolizing the city.</p><p>The theme for this year&#39;s Pamulinawen Festival is &quot;Love and Shine.&quot;</p><p>A Grand Parade was scheduled on February 9 and a Street Dance Competition was set on February 10, 2024.</p>