Old articles such as enamel plates, "kinkilya" (oil or gas lamp), charcoal iron, and "dulang" (multipurpose wooden tray) that reflect how people and the lifestyle were once in Panglao town, Bohol won prizes for barangays in the “Karaang Butang Display Contest 2024.”

Barangay Lourdes, Barangay Looc, and Barangay Bil-isan emerged as the top three winners of 10 participating barangays for having vintage items or articles of age, as authenticated by the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP).

NMP lauded the Local Government Unit of Panglao for its initiative in strengthening appreciation and preservation of its cultural heritage. NMP said it supports the pursuit of the LGU in creating a museum in the town’s Old Municipio, also an identified important cultural property by the NMP.

Meanwhile, LGU-Panglao through its Panglao Municipal Tourism Office has congratulated the participating barangays for their remarkable collections.

“Your dedication to preserving and showcasing the rich history of Panglao shines through your remarkable collections,” a post of Panglao Municipal Tourism Office reads.

“To all participating barangays, your efforts in celebrating our heritage are truly commendable. Your contributions have made this event a testament to the cultural vibrancy of our community,” it added.

The event is an initiative of LGU-Panglao in celebration of "National Arts Month" every February.