A fur mom from Vigan City considers her 20 cats and 11 eleven dogs as cherished members of her extended family.

Mhadz Del Pinado takes pride in knowing each pet by name, and her house is a haven where every corner is adorned with the presence of her fur babies.

She said her pets have brought happiness to her life. They have also become her stress reliever.

"Parang stress reliever na rin sila then nakapagbibigay sila ng happiness," Del Pinado said.

Her furry family includes various breeds, such as Pusang Pinoy or Puspins, calico cats, which are tri-color in nature and considered rare. 

Additionally, she has Persian cats, Himalayans, and Siamese.

Del Pinado started as a breeder of dogs and cats, until her love for her pets grew immensely.

As a result, she found it challenging to part with them, leading to the expansion of her fur family.

She acknowledges the substantial expenses involved in caring for many pets, but for her, the joy they bring is priceless.


Del Pinado's passion for animals has influenced her child who is now pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Just like a person, she said that it is also for fur babies to have regular checkups, ensuring they receive proper nutrition, vitamins, and adequate attention.

"Nag-i-spare siya ng enough na money para maibigay yung dapat na vaccines or prevention [at] mga gamot para sa mga aso’t pusa niya," Dr. Rayeth Robeniol, a veterinarian in Vigan City, said.

Del Pinado shares her philosophy when taking cafe of pets:

"Alagaan sila [na] hindi lang [bilang] isang pet kundi isang family member. dahil kapag tinuri mo silang family member, kumpleto na, andun na yung love, care," she said.