As people engage in various activities during the Holy Week, the Church reminds Catholics of the importance of strengthening one’s faith. 

The purpose of participating in religious activities during Holy Week such as the Visita Iglesia, processions, and liturgies, is to reflect on the events of Christ's passion. 

These activities are intended to deepen the spiritual commitment and devotion of believers.

"Bako lang iyan na garong social activity na nagdiyan ako, mapahiling-hiling ako sa mga pag-iriba ko, mapiri-picture ako. Dae ta man pigsasabi na maraot iyan. Alagad kun mawara na lugod su esensya, na garo baga nagparasyar-pasyar sana," Rev. Fr. Marc Real, the Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception Parish in Naga City, said.

The Church encourages believers to engage in genuine acts of piety, devotion, and faith in God.

Maria Teresa Volante, 64, from Barangay Sabang, Naga City, has devoted herself to prayer and devotion for her family during Holy Week. 

This year, she has decided to change her approach to Visita Iglesia, focusing more on expressing gratitude and seeking guidance from the Divine.

"Dapat kung ano ang katuyuhan mo, iyo ito ang [gibuhon mo]. Bako itong mapuru-picture lang kamo para magbisita iglesia. Dapat more on sa pagpangadyi," Volante said.