Despite the scorching heat of the sun, devotees did not miss on their annual pilgrimage to the chapel of Amang Hinulid in Sta. Salud, Calabanga for Holy Week. 

They walk about three hours or approximately eight kilometers to reach the chapel. 

On Maundy Thursday, many started walking early, each one armed with prayers and wishes, and expressions of gratitude for blessings received. A group of young devotees who started their pilgrimage at midday arrived at the chapel at almost 4 p.m.

The ‘Alay Lakad’ tradition in Calabanga, Camarines Sur during the Holy Week involves a symbolic pilgrimage or procession as an act of penance and devotion. Sometimes barefoot, participants walk to the chapel often on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday bringing crosses or images of saints to remember Jesus’ suffering and death. 

With devotees coming from across the Province of Camarines Sur, others have taken it upon themselves to offer free water and fruits along the way to those participating in the pilgrimage.