“You know, it just comes from loving your work.”

Mel Tiangco has been the face of GMA Network’s top-rating news program, 24 Oras, for two decades now. The show’s success is Tita Mel’s success, and vice versa - their legacies are virtually inseparable. Asked where that passion for news comes from, Tita Mel had a straightforward answer: admire your body of work, and everything will come naturally.


On April 2, 2024, Carmela “Tita Mel” Tiangco renewed her contract with GMA Network, two weeks after GMA’s flagship newscast 24 Oras celebrated its 20th year on air. Tiangco was tapped as the show’s anchor since its inauguration, which means the 68-year-old journo easily has 20 years of news broadcasting career under her belt. 

But Tita Mel was already anchoring ‘Saksi’ in 1996, before getting assigned to her own solo-anchored news program ‘Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco’ in 1999. 

That pushes her mileage to 28 years. 

But ‘Saksi’ was not the commencement of Mel’s career. Her journalism journey began some years back, and she had been an anchor for newscasts since 1987. Technically, as a media professional, Mel has logged in a little over four decades already - and she just signed another contract with the Kapuso network. 

“Si Mel Tiangco ay accomplished at popular na bago siya lumipat nung 1996 or 28 years ago, pero nung nakalipat na siya, lalo siyang gumaling at naging popular,” recalled GMA Chairman Atty. Felipe L. Gozon during her contract signing event. 


Longevity in an industry is one thing, but enduring excellence and unparalleled consistency are a totally different ballgame. It requires a lot of energy and dedication - elements that can and will only thrive in an environment nourished with love, and with the work ethic that’s built on passion.

That is Tita Mel’s not-so-secret ingredient.

“You know, it just comes from loving your work. It comes from being a professional - from enjoying and appreciating all the blessings and graces that come from the Lord. And that includes the job,” the veteran journalist told GMA Regional TV News.

“Kaya there is no effort, you just enjoy it because it is a blessing,” added Tiangco.

In a separate report by Jade Yap of GMA News Online, Mel gave pointers as to what constitutes a good journalist. She highlighted the importance of one’s inherent love for people and their lived realities. 

“Aside from the nitty-gritty and the details, you need to be in love with life. You need to love people,” she noted.

Ultimately, the ability to maintain high-caliber work output and long-term credibility is grounded on the appreciation for one’s craft that is rooted deeply from within. 


The nickname ‘Tita Mel’ comes from the universal recognition from her peers and colleagues of her valued wisdom and tenure as an award-winning broadcast journalist. Shown during her contract signing ceremony was a video compilation of fellow GMA Integrated News anchors and correspondents giving her appreciation and congratulatory messages.

Asked how it feels like to possess that prestige of being considered a reliable mentor, Tita Mel opts not to think too much about it. Instead, she believes it’s only an integral part of her role.

“Even that (mentoring) comes naturally, there is no extra effort. When they come to ask you a question, you answer. When there is something na nakikita ko na ‘teka muna mali yun’ - I call them and I tell them ‘alam mo dapat ganito, ganyan’ - and they believe me. They really appreciate it and they thank me to high heavens for telling them,” shared Tiangco. 

“It just natural for me to look after yung mga kasamahan ko sa trabaho,” she added.