A resident of Barangay Catarman, Municipality of Liloan, Cebu Province has ranked Number 1 in the Medical Technologists Licensure Examination 2024 with a rating of 93 percent.

Jeency Agujar Pilapil, 23 years old, a graduate of the Cebu Doctors’ University - College of Allied Medical Sciences (CDU-CAMS) ranked Number 1 among 7,309 passers.

It was not a breeze, though, for Jeency despite a track record for diligence in her studies. Days to the exam, an emergency situation beset the family. The incident, she said, bothered her because it involved the health condition of a loved one.  

She said she found comfort in her pack of 32 dogs she describes to be the real stress reliever. But there were also some of her "fur babies" who got sick while she was preoccupied with her review.

In her post, Jeency affirmed that Medical Technology is God’s plan for her. 

“Entering Medtech was God’s plan for me. When my best friends and I heard stories of how hard the path we chose, we got scared. Kneeling in prayer, I asked God every day to fill my heart with strength to endure every hardship, hope during my lowest point, and love for the path I chose. True to His promises, God did all those. He allowed the hardships, the failures, and the pain for me to lean on His strength, and when I did, I got the best results,” Jeency shared.

She also acknowledged of the difficulties she had to hurdle. 

“The exam was very hard, especially on Day 1. I cried to God after the exam,” Jeency said. 

On the second day, she said, she saw leaves outside of the testing area similar to a four-leaf clover. 

“On Day 2, before taking Hematology exam, I prayed to God for a sign, and when I looked at the tree across the window of the testing area, I saw the leaves forming like a clover leaf. That was the time I kind of knew I have a chance at topping the board exam. God showed one of His plans for me,” Jeency further shared.

She recognizes the competence of faculty members at CDU-CAMS for laying a strong foundation to students like her.

“I was an average student before, but I was able to top the boards,” she emphasized. 

To her review hub, she expressed gratitude. 

“Palong-palo po lahat ng notes at lectures. I was really guided as to what to study and what to focus on. I was able to strengthen my weaknesses during the review with your help. Most importantly, my faith was strengthened as well. Thank you so much po sa lahat ng lecturers,” she further said.

Jeency also thanked her best buddies Abisha, Kyla, and Samantha.   

“I am beyond blessed to be with you all on this journey. During those times when I was struggling, you were there for me. I remember I would start my shift with a hug from Kyla, and then I could cry my heart out. I will always remember that time when Abisha from her night shift with no sleep accompanied me during my morning shift, because at that moment, I would break from everything that was happening. To Sammiee, your kind words always comforted me, and you inspire me to become a better person,” she underscored.

Further, she thanked her parents Fe Agujar and Yanz Pilapil, her grandparents, and her siblings for all the support. 

“Thank you for everything. Your unwavering support and love made me who I am today,” she said.

Above all, she offers the feat to God as she holds on to a passage in the Book of Matthew which reads: “All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believe you will receive.”

“This was all You. I am nothing without You, Lord,” Jeency accentuated.