Dog lovers celebrate “Bond with your Dog Day” every May 14 of each year. 

A cynophile (one who loves dogs) who observes the special day yearly is Cesar Escarilla, 40 years old, of Barangay Bulacao, Cebu City. 

Cesar does not keep one dog. He has 16! He said he keeps a pack as his pets all fascinate him with their warm reception each time he arrives from work. He said dogs have pure love for their hooman; consistent and loyal.

As a dog fancier and dog groomer, he attends to his own dogs. Two of his pets are head turners. Ymiah and Daday are Chow Chows that look like pandas. 

Another dog, Bookie, resembles an animé character in his yellow ensemble. 

Cesar said zoophiles need not worry because the dye he uses on his pets is safe, and is the same kind of dye he uses for his other clients in fur.

His videos with Ymiah, Daday, and Bookie have earned heart reactions from followers who share in a devotion for animal care and protection.