Transforming into ‘Lucas’ and depicting the role’s villanous insanity in Direk Mark Reyes V’s “Playtime” posed a challenge for Xian Lim. Thankfully for the dependable Kapuso actor, filming on set, particularly with co-stars Sanya Lopez, Coleen Garcia, and Faye Lorenzo, was a smooth-sailing ride– a major upside especially when working on a sinister psycho-thriller.

In an interview with GMA Regional TV News, Xian admitted that internalizing the character of a psychotic anti-hero– his problematic tendencies, his deepest and darkest thoughts, his sexual predator vibes – was the most challenging aspect of doing “Playtime.”

“It’s hard to get into that psychotic mood, paano mo gagawin ‘yun diba?” the 34-year-old actor said.

Xian is playing Lucas, a mysterious guy who playfully wreaks havoc in the lives of three women, in the upcoming suspense-thriller collaboration between GMA Pictures and VIVA Films.

He described the challenging aspects of his internalization process as a leap of faith. “How does one make something or portray something like that? You really have to be in that mindset eh. It was more of just jumping and doing what the character requires.”

Talking about the sweet parts of working on the suspense-thriller, Xian said he is grateful for having established a good sense of rapport with his co-stars, Sparkle’s Sanya Lopez and Faye Lorenzo, and seasoned actress Coleen Garcia.

“I didnt expect na magiging madali yung rapport with sa kanila - Sanya, Faye, and Coleen. Si coleen kasi I’ve worked with her before so I pretty much know how Coleen is. But with Sanya and Faye, it was my first time meeting (them). Si Faye din first time ko maakaka-eksena. Hindi ko inexpect na ganun kadali makatrabaho sila, it was fun. Tama yung title nito, Playtime,” he said.

The latest movie collaboration of GMA Pictures and Viva Films explores the entangled lives of three women, Allyson (Sanya), Roni (Coleen), and Patricia (Faye), and the incidental adventure that comes as a result of their deceitful encounter with Lucas. 

Halika, laro tayo! (Come, let’s play!)

Catch “Playtime” in theaters nationwide beginning June 12, Wednesday.