Residents of Calasiao, Pangasinan have found a profitable livelihood in making and selling chicharon macaroni, a popular crunchy snack.

Chicharon macaroni is often sold in markets and bought by the scoop. It is actually made in Calasiao, Pangasinan.

In Barangay Macabito, several households are dedicated to producing chicharon macaroni. The snack gets its name from the elbow macaroni used to make it.

The process begins by boiling the macaroni until it softens. Then, it is sun-dried for three days. Once dried, it is deep-fried in hot oil, using a large strainer to lift the chicharon macaroni out of the oil.

"Pagpiprito ka, talagang mainit tapos maglalaga ka, maaga kang magigising [para simulan ito],” Felix Aquino, a chicharon macaroni maker, said.

This business has been around for decades, passed down from generation to generation. It has helped many residents improve their lives and even support their children's education.

"Tiyaga lang, marami ang pinag-aaral na bata…. [para maka]pag tapos sila," Aquino said.