President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. presided over the 77th founding anniversary of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) at Basa Air Base in Floridablanca, Pampanga. 

In his speech, the President emphasized his administration's continuous efforts to bolster the Air Force's capabilities.

Marcos said the administration has taken significant steps to enhance maritime domain awareness through regular maritime patrol missions.

"Let us move forward now guided by the ideals of Bagong Pilipinas and remain united with our mission to protect our skies, defend our land, and serve our countrymen," Marcos said.

In line with the celebration, President Marcos assured support for the modernization program of the PAF, including the acquisition of new air assets that would be beneficial to the country.

“We have likewise acquired additional aircraft as well as advanced trader systems which will transform our operational readiness and enhance our operational reach," Marcos said.

"Indeed, these assets contribute to an Air Force capable of protecting our nation, our people, and our resources, and dedicated to ensuring that we are ready to face challenges with advanced precision, speed, and force,” Marcos added.

He also paid tribute to the officials, enlisted officers, civilian human resources, and PAF units who have made exceptional contributions in serving the nation.

PAF said it remains committed to serving the public and maintaining the country's sovereignty.

"Much has changed in more than seven decades since the PAF was established. Every day we continue to master strength, boost our capabilities, and consolidate power through modernization efforts and constant change," LTGEN. Stephen Parreño, Commanding General of the PAF, said.

PAF demonstrated a heli-lift of special operations forces using the Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System, and showcased package delivery using the Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System (GPADS). 

They also added reinforcements to their air defense with the Ground-Based Air Defense System (GBADS).

The highlight of the celebration was the Figure 77 flight formation performed by the T-41 and SF 260 aircraft.