In the moving of construction materials, in the piling of hollow blocks, in paving the floors and in painting the posts and walls, young American students helped construct a feeding center at the Mandaue City Central School.

The young American nationals were in Cebu for volunteer work in Mandaue City.

They received instructions from a Filipino engineer, and local construction workers who guided them on which tasks to perform.

“It’s so rewarding to see the kids; we met so many kids I never realized what it’s like for these kids in the Philippines,” Taylee Kearns, a volunteer, expressed.

“Feels like we’re so blessed to help them. I’m so excited for them,” Emmy Spradling, another volunteer, said.

“It’s just cool to see the kids and people, like seeing the community around here, so friendly and so nice,” volunteer Malyn Eliason shared her impression.

The volunteers, ages 16 years old to 19 years old, are members of the youth group of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are out on a humanitarian mission to the Philippines.

“We have trips all over the world, they go to different continents. We have people come out and check different parts of the world, see where there is a need, so we’ve seen that Cebu has a need, we work for a program called ‘Rise and Rebuild,’” youth leader Taylor Wood pointed out.

The school administrator is thankful to the effort of the volunteers, and to the foundation they are serving that spent for the construction of the feeding center.

The center will cater to malnourished pupils as a priority.

“Malipayon kaayo mi, para baya na sa mga bata. Our target baya is para sa kaayohan sa mga bata, kana nga gihatag sa ‘Rise and Rebuild’ makalipay dako kaayo na’g tabang namo diri,” Philip Racoma, assistant principal of the Mandaue City Central School, conveyed.