A video capturing the unexpected arrival of a cow during a volleyball game in Lipa City has gone viral, amusing netizens.

Players and spectators at a gymnasium in Barangay Antipolo del Sur, Lipa City, were taken by surprise when a cow suddenly appeared in the middle of a volleyball match.

Aina Tarrayo, the uploader of the video, dubbed the cow as 'Dayo.' She said the cow seemed eager to join the game.

"Ako po 'yung magse-serve, tapos nu'ng naglalaro na po, ongoing po 'yung game, may dumating na baka. Tapos bigla po siyang tumakbo po around the court, then nagkagulo na po 'yung mga tao," Tarrayo said.

In the footage, one can see the cow being chased by its handlers as they attempted to secure it.

Tarrayo said there are farms nearby the venue where the cow may have come from.

No one was harmed during the cow's brief intrusion, and its unexpected appearance brought laughter and light-heartedness to the gymnasium.

Instead of causing fear, the spectators opted to watch and laugh as the cow made its way out of the premises.