A 21-year-old man from Barangay Maybato, Paracale, Camarines Norte, has proven that hard work and perseverance lead to success, turning a P140 investment in bracelet-making into a thriving business that has allowed him to buy his own house and land.

April Atanacio’s journey began before the COVID-19 pandemic, with a modest P140 investment.

He initially decorated an old necklace and, pleased with the result, bought materials to start making bracelets. 

Atanacio began selling his creations outside the Paracale church and eventually expanded to various locations in Bicol.

He said the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) played a significant role in guiding his entrepreneurial efforts.

"Masaya po... talagang tinatangkilik naman siya specially dito at pag lumilipat ako outside Camarines Norte. Talagang na-appreciate nila kasi sila na mismo nag-aaya sakin na pumunta sa place nila," Atanacio said.

Despite the challenges, Atanacio's determination paid off, allowing him to purchase a house and land for her family. 

This success also enabled him to bring his mother, Elen Mapusao, an overseas Filipino worker, back home.

Mapusao was not supportive of Anatacio's business initially. She said she preferred that her son prioritize his studies.

"Parati ko po sinasabi sa kanya na mas priority dapat niya yung pag-aaral niya, kasi yung business pagkatapos niyang mag-aral nandiyan lang yan na pwede ulit siya mag-umpisa. Ang gusto ko kasi sa kanya makatapos siya," Mapusao said.

Now, the initial P140 investment yields thousands of pesos in monthly earnings, and Atanacio employs workers from various parts of the region.

True to his promise to his mother, Atanacio plans to return to school this 2024 to complete senior high school and eventually finish college.