Animal welfare advocates in Naga City are campaigning to end euthanasia for unclaimed and unadopted animals in the city's dog pound.

Stray dogs and cats caught or rescued in Naga City are brought to the pound in Barangay Carolina, where they are held and made available for adoption for five days.

However, if no one claims or adopts them, they face the possibility of euthanasia or mercy killing.

Dr. Marilee Lingua, Officer-in-Charge of the City Veterinarian Office, said that euthanasia is necessary due to the limited resources and space in the pound.

“Sa pound kasi, hindi tayo pwedeng mag-keep talaga ng sobrang daming dogs since ang budget natin ay limited for food. Space is limited. Ang last na chance natin ay euthanasia,” Lingua said.

A city ordinance allows euthanasia after the claiming period, prompting animal advocates like Street Paws Naga to push for responsible pet ownership programs rather than relying solely on free vaccinations and spaying/neutering.

“Ang pinakamaray po talaga is sa ciudad na magkaigwa sinda ning sistema tas programa. Magkaigwa ning promotion kang responsible pet ownership. Dae matatapos sa free anti-rabies lang tapos free castration. Dapat igwa sindang comprehensive plan,” Ma Bianca Corrine Parcon, Founder of Street Paws Naga, said.

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Naga City said it has plans of expanding facilities at the Naga City Nursery.

“Sa ngunyan, pig-identify itong area duman sa Naga City Nursery for the expansion kaidtong facilities kaitong sa dog pound. Ang kailangan kaya ngunyan, itong existing facility ta, dae pa masyadong improved kaya dae comfortable ang mga nare-rescue na ido,” Elmar Balderomo, City Administrator of Naga City LGU, said.

With the development plan expected to be completed within the year, efforts are being made to improve facilities for animals in the pound, especially amidst the scorching heat.