A man engaged in a fun game of duck-chasing while swimming at sea died after he was hit by a boat propeller. 

The person identified as “Hanz,” real name withheld, was among a group of men who joined a game of duck-chasing for a prize.

The game was initiated by Barangay Bagongbayan in Laua-an (pronounced La-wa-an) town, Province of Antique last April 29, 2024 for its Pamalaran Festival. But while the men were swimming after the duck, a motorbanca zoomed past them. Hanz sustained a fatal wound on his neck and in other parts of his body.

The 31-year-old boatman named “Mark" said he did not see the person swam his way. 

According to an investigation conducted by the Laua-an Police, the boatman was practicing for a boat race in line with the festivity while the duck-chasing game was going on.

The suspect was taken under police custody.