The dead body of a fisherman was found sprawled in his boat in Boljoon town, southern Cebu Province.

The body was found in Sitio Sila, Purok Lumboy, Barangay Granada at past 6 a.m. on May 14, 2024. The incident was reported to the Boljoon Police Station by a barangay councilman.

The fisherman, of legal age, was found to be a resident of Barangay Atabay in the neighboring town of Alcoy. 

According to Boljoon Police, another fisherman found the boat floating in the waters off Barangay Granada. When he went nearer, he discovered the limp body of the fisherman. He towed immediately the boat to the shore.

The dead fisherman was identified by a relative who went to the area immediately as soon as the word reached their family.

The man was taken to the Oslob District Hospital but he was pronounced there dead on arrival.

Attending physicians said that the fisherman died from a heart attack.

Though the family is convinced that no foul play is involved in the incident, the medical officers advised them to place the dead body under an autopsy procedure to remove any doubt.