A bride in Amlan town, Negros Oriental took to social media her disappointment over an incident on her wedding day on June 8, 2024 she described to have put her in shame and shambles.

In her post, Janice Seit Suelto-Sagario said that June 8, 2024 would have been her and her groom’s big day, but when she was about to walk down the aisle, the officiating priest began the ceremony right away.

Staff members of Saint Andrew Parish Church allegedly reproached her and her entourage for arriving an hour late.

Sagario said that her ‘ninang’ (godmother) who serves at the said church told them the wedding rites were moved to 9:30 a.m. because of the hectic schedule of the priest. 

“Ang dapat moment namo kay naguba, perting gubaa! [On] June 8, 2024 at exactly 8 a.m. ang amoa nga wedding but at the last minute, June 07 2024, 11 p.m., one of our ‘ninangs’ nga ga-serve sa church kay niari sa balay to inform us nga gitugon sya sa taga-convent nga na-reschedule ang time sa among wedding from 8 a.m. down to 9:30 a.m.,” Sagario said.

She and her entourage arrived at the church by 9 a.m. 

“Pero gisugat mig kasaba sa staff sa simbahan kay one hour late na daw mi, dili daw himuong ordinaryo ang simbahan! Ilaha tanang baba sa pagkasaba and yawyaw, wala sila gahatag namo og chance to explain our side," Sagario narrated further. 

She said that she was still at the church door when the Mass started; and that she almost slipped while hurrying up to get to the altar. She said she had a hard time walking fast because she is heavy with child. 

“Naa pa kos entrance sa simbahan gisugdan na ang Mass wa man lang paabota nga makaabot kos altar and to think hapit pa ko ma-slide sa pagdali-dali knowing nga buntis ko and hapit na manganakay! Grabe kasakit sa dughan, disappointment, and kaulaw among na-feel kay sa pag-abot sa altar nakadawat na pud kasaba sa pari! Giingnan pa ko nga abi nila ug nanganak nako maong wa mi katungha sa saktong oras,” Sagario emphasized. 

She said she felt the behavior of the priest and the staff to be impolite and offensive. 

“Nabastos kog maayo, wala man lay respeto nga gapaso pa ko gasugod na intawun sila!” Sagarino stressed. 

She said it was more painful to have watched her groom weep at the situation.

“Perting hilak sa akong groom paghuman sa wedding kay nasakitan sya," Sagario added.


Wedding suppliers in Negros Oriental who learned of the incident vowed to help the couple enjoy their wedding via a “Take 2,” all-expense paid.

John Lester Barot, a professional violinist, shared via Facebook Reels a meeting with the couple and the wedding suppliers on a retake of the ceremony set on June 17, 2024.

"We kindly ask everyone to refrain from sharing any negative comments regarding the previous events and instead join us in wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness and love, starting from this wedding," Barot wrote in a post.

GMA Regional TV News sought an update from the couple Janine Sagario and her groom, Jove Deo Gracias Sagario, but is waiting for a reply just yet. 


In a post at Diocese of Dumaguete-Commission on Catechesis, Saint Andrew Parish issued a statement citing that the information relayed to the couple was done on an unofficial capacity. 

“The wedding ceremony was officially scheduled at 8 a.m. on June 8, 2024. That schedule was set a month before. However, on the night before the wedding, one of the lady sponsors went to the bride’s and groom’s house and told them that the wedding was moved to 9:30 a.m. and that they should not be in a hurry. She relayed this information in an unofficial capacity,” the statement reads.

“This is unfortunate since there was no instruction at all from anyone in the Parish Office that there are changes in the schedule since there was a scheduled Funeral Mass at 9:30 a.m. of that same morning.  Parish Office Staff believe that the lady sponsor may have misread the dates written on the bulletin which she perused the night before," the statement added.

It was further learned that on that day, there were 10 other schedules to be served by the priests.

The parish also apologized to the couple and their families, friends, and guests affected by the incident.

“We humbly admit the fact that along the way, there were statements made carried away by emotions. Hence, we express our sincere apology to the bride and the groom, to their respective families who were directly offended by the turn of these events, and to the people who have seen our humanity as priests in a time when we were weakest of any possible control. We also apologize and express gratitude to the bereaved family who were made to wait for the wedding to be finished,” the statement dated June 10, 2024 released by the Office of Msgr. Albert Erasmo Bohol, parish priest, concluded. 


The couple's godmother identified as Charlene Sunico also apologized to the newlyweds for passing on wrong information.

In a video taken by a certain Anthony Maginsay, Sunico admitted to giving the wrong information, saying there was another person who relayed to her on the "change of schedule." However, Sunico refused to drop the name of the person to avoid confrontation. 

"Dili na lang nako hinganlan kay mao na pud ang tumbokon. Mangayo na lang ko og pasaylo," Sunico said in the video in a GMA Regional TV Balitang Bisdak report.