Unauthorized mountaineering activities in Davao de Oro are prohibited temporarily due to recent rains and earthquakes.

The prohibition includes personal climbs, group expeditions, and commercially organized tours.

In an advisory, the Provincial Tourism Office said the recent occurrences of shear line, trough of the low pressure area (LPA), and unpredictable weather patterns have increased the risk of landslides, flash floods, and other natural disasters in the mountains.

“Engaging in mountaineering during this time poses serious threat to the safety of climbers,” the advisory said.

It also said climbing without proper permits, coordination with local government units, and experienced guides also increases safety risks.

“This is especially true for inexperienced climbers who may not be aware of the dangers involved, such as getting lost, encountering bad weather, or sustaining injuries,” the advisory said.

“Without proper permits and coordination, rescue operations in remote mountainous areas become complex, resource-intensive, and my even be delayed, putting climbers at further risk,” it added.

However, the provincial government may allow mountaineering activities related to scientific research as long as necessary permits and clearances are obtained.

Those who will violate will be apprehended and will face penalties.