A man in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu died after a precast wall fell on him from a crane at a construction site at a subdivision in Barangay Gun-ob.

According to the Lapu-Lapu City Police, the precast wall weighed an estimated 600 kilograms and killed the man instantly.

The incident happened afternoon on June 19, 2024 when the man and his co-workers were installing cables for a precast wall.

Near them, a crane was piling the precast walls, lifting and transferring them one by one.

Police said the crane operator may have miscalculated the distance between the area where he would get the walls and the spot where he would pile them.

The area where the crane was positioned was reportedly slippery at that time because of the rain.

The crane operator, for his part, said that the crane’s pedal seemed to be not working properly at that time. He belied allegations that the accident occurred because the crane’s boom was extended fully.

The police, however, is looking into the possible liability of the contractor after it found out that crane operator allegedly did not have a license.

In a phone interview with GMA Regional TV Balitang Bisdak, a staffer of the real estate developer said the company will shoulder all expenses related to the death.

The victim’s wife is reportedly not keen on filing charges against the crane operator.