Starting August 2024, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will enforce a new regulation prohibiting the use of temporary plates, citing delays in the release of vehicle plates by dealers.

Rey Ravanilla, a motorist, has been using a temporary plate on his motorcycle due to the prolonged delay in receiving his permanent plate. He purchased it four months ago. 

Temporary plates are only allowed if they display the MV file number of the vehicle.

"Ang sabi nila magte-text sila or mage-email, gusto ko talagang magkaroon talagang original plate para presentable naman," Ravanilla said.

However, according to a memorandum circular issued by the LTO, the use of such improvised or temporary plates will be prohibited starting August 2024.

This move follows the agency's issuance of new guidelines aimed at addressing the backlog in license plates. 

The previous allowance for temporary plates will be revoked.

Vehicle owners with such plates are advised to visit their nearest LTO district or extension office to secure an authority or permit to continue using these plates for travel purposes. 

The authority or permit is valid for 15 days for new vehicles.

LTO has warned dealers of penalties for delays in releasing plates.

"Yung first offense is P100,000 with suspension, tapos second offense is P500,000 with suspension, tapos yung third offense ay revocation. So mataas po yung mga penalties kasi dati puro fine lang ngayon may suspension na," Francisco Ranches Jr., Regional Director of LTO Bicol, said.