GMA Network continues to live up to being the news authority of the Filipino as it remains atop the trust rankings among major news brands in the Philippines for the fourth consecutive year, according to the 2024 Digital News Report (DNR) by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

The leading broadcasting company ranked first overall insofar as public perception on trustworthiness is concerned– garnering a brand trust rating of 72% from a survey that included 15 major news outfits including ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and TV5, among 11 others. 

Ranking second was TV5 with 67%, followed closely by the Philippine Daily Inquirer with 66%. Manila Bulletin, Super Radyo dzBB, and The Philippine Star all scored 65% apiece to share the fourth spot.

ABS-CBN and DZRH both garnered 64%, while local and regional newspapers and TeleRadyo scored 60%. State-owned PTV4 garnered a 58% rating, 

With only 8%, GMA Network also has the least number of respondents to suggest that it’s not trustworthy. 

It is worth noting that the report is more a subjective assessment based on respondents’ individual definitions of “trustworthy news”, than it is an objective and data-driven analysis of underlying credibility and factual trustworthiness. 

Survey respondents were asked to plot news organizations within a simple ‘0 to 10’ scale of trustworthiness where 0 denotes ‘not at all trustworthy,’ while 10 means ‘completely trustworthy.’ 

Importantly, the study’s caveat declared that the results were “aggregates of public opinion,” as the methods used relied on individual perceptions. “Only the brands listed were included in the survey. It should not be treated as a list of the most or least trusted brands, as it is not exhaustive,” it noted. 

What these survey results imply, therefore, is that GMA Network, with GMA Integrated News as its news arm, is generally perceived by the most number of survey respondents to be a provider of trustworthy news and credible information from their own subjective standards.