A brand new all-sports podcast is coming your way as GMA Integrated News, in collaboration with Regional TV and Synergy, announces the release of ‘Game On: The Podcast,’ the Kapuso network’s newest addition to its roster of multi-awarded podcasts.


“Game On” is GMA Network’s first-ever sports-intensive podcast, a substantial mix of timely, timeless, and trustworthy news about anything and everything sports. It will feature not only the latest and trending updates about your favorite athletes and luminaries, it also covers evergreen debates and controversial topics that surround the ever-evolving world of sports. 

The podcast's identity takes after the GMA Synergy-produced sports show of the same name, which kicked off during the 97th season of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 2022. It used to be a show for television, but this previous version of “Game On,” while also being cut from a similar fabric as a sports news and entertainment program, zeroed in mainly on NCAA-related updates. 

It was primarily an in-between show that recapped games, discussed fearless forecasts, and guested sports personalities - all within the realm of NCAA, the country’s oldest premiere collegiate athletics league. 

“Game On! The Podcast,” however, is more encompassing and limitless. 

"Game On!" will discuss a wide range of topics from different leagues, across different generations, in all sports. This virtually completes the infinity stones of podcasts produced by GMA Integrated News, joining the award-winning and intellectually entertaining “The Howie Severino Podcast,” “Updated with Nelson Canlas,” “Surprise Guest with Pia Arcangel,” and “The Mangahas Interviews.”


Bringing their sports wits, all-around knowledge, and dynamic humor from the broadcast booth to the podcast studio, the three-man panel of Martin Javier, Anton Roxas, and Martin Antonio are set to show what years-long chemistry looks like as they take on an all-familiar challenge of hosting GMA’s first ever sports pod - still as a complete dynamic trio.

GMA Network’s resident sports anchor, commentator, host and game changer, none other than the multi-talented Martin Javier deserves to banner “Game On! The Podcast”. His NCAA coverage duties began in 2016, and has hosted 'Rise Up Stronger' in Season 96 as well as Game On’s TV show version on GTV in 2022. He currently wears multiple hats - a Sparkle artist, an events host, a content creator, a sports broadcast journalist, and a ‘24 Oras’ segment anchor. His life filled with outdoor activities and non-stop adventure adds to his caliber, making him all the more capable of discussing the most pressing sports stories right now.

Martin ‘Coach Hammer’ Antonio is your resident go-to sports guy whose expertise stems from both being a former NCAA athlete and an all-sports strength and conditioning coach. Having donned the San Beda uniform during his hay days as a Red Lion from 2003 to 2008, Coach Hammer has since transitioned well into coaching and mentoring, as well as into the colorful world of sports broadcasting. Coach Hammer’s commentary as an NCAA game analyst will definitely translate into invaluable insights now that he’s one of "Game On’s" prized hosts.

Jose Antonio ‘Anton’ Roxas Jr. has too many years of sports commentary under his belt. He has been in the industry of telling compelling sports narratives and blow-by-blow stories for 14 years now, and this brand new opportunity to be with his comrades (Martin and Coach Hammer) will most certainly maximize his vast range of storytelling skills. Aside from basketball and golf, he also has in-depth knowledge on volleyball, wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts. A former athlete himself, the former De La Salle Zobel Junior Archer has since worked his way up as a color commentator and has rightfully earned his badge as one of the most credible voices in the sports world. 

It may be just a fun coincidence that their names have playful similarities - both ‘Martin’ and ‘Antonio' appear to be shared properties, albeit inadvertently (Martin Javier, Martin Antonio, and Jose Antonio Roxas Jr.) - but the chemistry that makes them an intellectually entertaining bunch is intentional, built upon years of covering games alongside each other, honed through remarkable sports moments shared on the broadcast booth.


Presented by GMA Integrated News DigiLab, in collaboration with GMA Regional TV and Synergy, “Game On! The Podcast” premieres with its much-awaited pilot episode on April 12. Weekly episodes are released every Friday to ensure that fans have exciting and compelling sports stories to look forward to on a per-week basis. 

This podcast is a window to three of the most brilliant and diligent sports minds in the country, as Martin, Coach Hammer, and Anton do a weekly sit-down conversation about all the timely, timeless, and trustworthy sports news. 

The podcast airs every Friday and will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all the social media platforms of GMA Sports, GMA Integrated News, and GMA Synergy.