A 21-year-old triathlete from Pio Duran, Albay, achieved a feat by swimming from the shores of Sta. Cruz, Donsol, Sorsogon, to Sitio Tambac, Maonon, Ligao City, Albay, and straight to the fish port of Pio Duran, covering a total distance of 27.63 kilometers.

This remarkable swim was accomplished by Bert Justine Narciso in nine hours, 11 minutes, and 42 seconds. 

It was part of what he refers to as "Dream with a Deadline," which he started in 2022 during which he swam 11.8 kilometers in three hours and 38 minutes. It was also part of his training for the upcoming Third Talisay Triathlon in Camarines Norte on April 28, 2024.

Narciso said he dedicated the swim to his fellow athletes and swimmers.

“Ito pong paglangoy na ito is dedicated to all my co-athletes and swimmer na ipagpadagos ang tiga-poroonan; and at the same time, patibayon pa and i-motivate ang sadiri. Kasi wara man pong makatabang sainda, kundi ang sadiri man sana ninda,” Narciso said.

Narciso prepared for a week before his long-distance swim, ensuring he was ready physically and mentally to face the challenges.

Despite the scorching heat, he demonstrated his endurance and determination throughout the nine-hour swim.

For sustenance, Narciso prepared with plenty of water and food, including a packed meal of ‘tinolang may sabaw’ (a Filipino soup dish with broth) to replenish his energy. 

“Talagang pinaghandaan namin nang maayos. Nagdala kami ng maraming tubig, pagkain, mga kailangan kong kainin during swim. ‘Yung pagkain ko po, nakapatos na sa plastic and may ulam na tinolang may sabaw, para dirediretso na. Tapos diretso na ako, swim ulit. Hindi po ako pumupunta kung saan, sa dagat lang ako,” Narciso said.

His passion for swimming and triathlon began at a young age. He said it is important to set and complete goals to the best of one’s ability. 

He hopes to inspire and motivate other athletes to pursue their dreams relentlessly, just as he has done.