In the world of sports, dreams often fuel the ambitions of young athletes, propelling them to greatness through dedication and unwavering passion. The story of Chasz Uy, a 9-year-old billiards enthusiast, is a testament to the power of dreams and determination. Just now, he won against Reyes, 4-1, in an exhibition game race to 4.

Chasz and his father, Philip Andrew Uy, shared their excitement for a highly anticipated exhibition match against none other than the legendary Reyes.

Chasz's remarkable journey to the billiards table began with a simple dream: to compete against the best in the world of cue sports. This dream became a reality during the 2nd Mayor Albee Benitez 10-ball Billiards Tournament, a prominent event within the MassKara Festival. Thanks to the Bacolod Yuhum Foundation, which organized the exhibition game, Chasz found himself facing off against the iconic "Magician" himself.

In his first match, he played against another billiards champion, Django Bustamante, who acknowledged the young prodigy's talent, remarking, "that boy is a good player." Chasz's journey through the tournament included a match against Murphy Baroa, a top player known as "The pride of Pototan," Iloilo.

Chasz's father, Philip, expressed his pride in his son's achievements and emphasized that the experience gained by Chasz at such a tender age was invaluable. It's clear that the Uy family's connection to billiards runs deep, with all three of their children, including Chasz, being introduced to the sport early in their family-owned resto-café.

His passion for billiards blossomed during the pandemic, and he quickly found his love for the sport. His father, recognizing this enthusiasm, invested time teaching him the basics and facilitating daily practice sessions. To further enhance his skills, the family enlisted the mentorship of Reynaldo Grandea, a former coach of the Philippine Team.

The exhibition game against Reyes was undoubtedly a significant moment for Chasz. Philip revealed that Chasz was initially overwhelmed by the crowd and the video recordings, but with the guidance of his father and his coach, he was able to settle his nerves. The experience was an opportunity of a lifetime, one that many aspiring billiards players can only dream of.