Student-athletes from 10 NCAA schools take part in a social media literacy ‘Masterclass’ where they are bound for productive workshops on social media branding and effective digital presence.

The GMA Integrated News (GMAIN) Digital Team and GMA Synergy combine forces to produce the Masterclass ahead of the centennial anniversary of the NCAA in 2024. 

Called “Game Changers: Changing the game on court and online,” the initiative is the first edition under the GMA Masterclass’ Social Media Literacy Series. 


The Masterclass tackles responsible and thoughtful social media use, an initiative that could not have come at a better time given how technologically advanced platforms permeate people’s daily lives.

For this series, student-athletes from all 10 participating teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament are invited to the head office of GMAIN, Regional TV, and Synergy at GMA Network Studios.

“Game Changers” includes a number of lecture sessions that tackle social media engagement, digital presence, and branding.

Importantly, participants are reminded of how they can be ‘game changers’ not only on the court but also through their social media platforms, especially with the kind of influence that comes with being their schools' representatives.

Reinforced with a highly immersive social media activity, participants are also tasked to exercise their learnings from the workshop through hands-on seatworks. 


The Masterclass has already hosted two universities, thus far, welcoming the Jose Rizal University Heavy Bombers on January 23, 2024 in its opening salvo, and hosting the defending champions San Beda University Red Lions on February 1.

Aside from informative social media do’s and don'ts, universities have a chance to dive deep into the basics of posting on key platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. Given focus are strategic tips athletes can use when crafting Instagram reels and stories. 

“The topic’s already about what to do on social media, so we wanted to equip them “how to,” said GMA Sports Senior Social Media Producer Sofia Rodelas, one of the event’s speakers. 

The on-the-spot exercises are fun, challenging, and engaging all at the same time, as athletes are prompted to come up with compelling IG reels from their own creative ideas while using pre-existing clips and photos in their phones.

JRU Heavy Bomber Theo Pabico seemed to have fun practicing his storytelling skills. Using six video clips that feature some of his favorite life moments including NCAA media shoots and dates with his girlfriend, he has instantly uploaded a 17-second lifestyle reel, which also happens to be his first on Instagram. The video now has nearly 2,500 views.   

“The biggest task is about making a reel, since this is mostly used naman ng mga kumukuha ng sponsorships ngayon and what attracts fans,” Sofia added. She's in charge of giving tips on social media posting and online imaging. 

The defending champs also had their fair share of bringing the challenge to the next level. Led by a very game Joshua Tagala, select players from the Lions’ den hopped on a Tiktok trend that now has more than 6,000 views. 

Through the initiative, the players are able to learn the basics of effective social media branding through various audience engagement tools that will help bolster genuine and effective social media presence.

“Nakakatuwa na some (athletes) even come forward to me about the reels they are doing, and they want to continue it moving forward!” according to the GMA Sports producer.

Joining Sofia in facilitating discussions and lectures are Senior Social Media Producer Theodore Ortiz and Social Media Producer Keith Barbarona.