As the premier collegiate sports league, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and leading broadcast network in the Philippines, GMA Network, Inc., prepare for the centennial year of the NCAA, GMA Synergy, in coordination with the GMA Integrated News social media team hosted its award-winning initiative—the GMA Masterclass, and this time the 11th leg of its dynamic Social Media Literacy series, to the key members of our ten National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s and Women’s Volleyball teams!

On Thursday, March 14, the Centennial Auditorium of the Jose Rizal University, #NCAASeason99’s host school, swirled with such lively kaleidoscope of one another’s respective team colors as our eager student-athletes convened and prepared to ‘spike’ their way up their collegiate athletic careers by participating in an interactive and #funtastic set of social media literacy sessions that enable them to use social media as a prime tool to establish a concrete foundation and rapport with the communities that rally behind them and enhance not only their own athletic branding but their universities’ prestige in the field as well—among a myriad of today’s limitless learnings.

A warm welcome was given by GMA Network’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Oliver Victor B. Amoroso, as well as our clever speakers from the GMA Integrated News social media team; While Mr. Efren Jose “Paul” Y. Supan, Chairman of the NCAA Management Committee and Athletic Director of Jose Rizal University, gleefully concluded today’s Masterclass by leaving our empowered digital heroes with one iconic advice—‘’Use social media responsibly, so pause before you post.”

This enriching experience is just in time as the NCAA Season 99 Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Tournament kicks off on April 7, which will air live at 12 noon on GTV.