Pancho Magno invites fans abroad to watch out for 'My Husband's Lover The US Concert Tour'

Dec 4, 2013

A very excited Pancho Magno invites all Kapuso fans abroad to watch out for My Husband's Lover The US Concert Tour'.   Read more

Dennis Trillo says "Hi" to the GMA Pinoy TV Subscribers

Dec 3, 2013

My Husband's Lover star Dennis Trillo greets all the GMA Pinoy TV subscribers and thanks them for supporting his soap opera. Read more

The world comes together for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Dec 2, 2013

The Filipino people have always been regarded as a tight-knit race – not even seas, mountains, and time zones can prevent them from extending a helping hand to their motherland. After typhoon Yolanda caused devastation in various parts of the Philippines, our Kapusos abroad wasted no time in organizing fundraisers just to be able to aid their kababayans who were greatly affected by the destructive storm. Read more

My Husband's Lover Stars Meet and Greet Fans in California

Nov 29, 2013

Check out some photos of the My Husband’s Lover cast’s meet-and-greet with their fans in Thunder Valley Casino Resort last November 24, 2013. With media partners GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV , the “My Husband’s Lover The US Concert Tour” continues on November 30 at the Lindale Middle School Auditorium, Maryland; December 1 at the Amazura Concert Hall, Jamaica, New York; and December 7 at the Centinella Performing Arts, Lawndale, California. Photos courtesy of Bradford Adkins and Anthony Agor Read more

GMA scores seven nominations in 2013 Asian Television Awards

Nov 29, 2013

The Asian Television Awards (ATA) recently released the roll of finalists for its 18th year run and top broadcasting company, GMA Network, obtained seven (7) of only nine (9) nominations from the Philippines. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Carla Abellana of “My Husband’s Lover”

Nov 28, 2013

Carla Abellana has already proven her capacity as an actress after starring in some of GMA Network’s hit telenovelas such as Rosalinda and Makapiling Kang Muli. However, Carla still managed to amaze viewers in the Philippines and abroad with her layered yet subtle portrayal of the loving wife Lally in My Husband’s Lover that aired on GMA Pinoy TV. Kapuso Abroad Weekly had the chance to talk to the stunning star about what’s in store for her. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Tom Rodriguez of My Husband's Lover

Nov 27, 2013

Tom Rodriguez may be a newcomer compared to other actors in his league, but his portrayal of the closeted husband Vincent in My Husband’s Lover is simply smashing – a performance that solidified his spot among showbiz’s coveted leading men. Kapuso Abroad Weekly had the enviable chance to chat with the amiable Amboy about coming back to the Philippines and pursuing a career in show business. Read more

GMA Network artists and news and public affairs unite for the victims of typhoon Yolanda

Nov 27, 2013

There is nothing more unique than the heart of a Filipino—soft enough to care for the weak, strong enough to rise up to the challenge. GMA Network knocks on this very heart as the country faces another great challenge—the nation’s survival and recovery from typhoon Yolanda.   Read more

Jonalyn Viray Invites GPTV Subscribers to “My Husband’s Lover The US Concert Tour”

Nov 26, 2013

Watch Jonalyn sing her heart out with the cast of My Husband’s Lover at the “My Husband’s Lover The US Concert Tour” on November 30 at the Lindale Middle School Auditorium, Maryland; December 1 at the Amazura Concert Hall, Jamaica, New York; and December 7 at the Centinella Performing Arts, Lawndale, California. Read more

Jonalyn Viray Talks About Her Part in “My Husband’s Lover The US Concert Tour”

Nov 26, 2013

Jonalyn shares her talent in the “My Husband’s Lover The US Concert Tour”, which continues on November 30 at the Lindale Middle School Auditorium, Maryland; December 1 at the Amazura Concert Hall, Jamaica, New York; and December 7 at the Centinella Performing Arts, Lawndale, California. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: 12th Gawad Amerika Awards Gives Top Citations To Kapuso Celebrities

Nov 26, 2013

November 9, 2013 was a memorable day for Kapusos German Moreno, Tim Yap, and Dr. Tess Mauricio, all of whom were duly recognized during the Gawad Amerika Awards held at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California.  The aforementioned personalities were awarded not because of their popularity alone but for their significant contributions to their respective communities. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Kapuso Stars Shine During the 2013 Raniag Twilight Festival

Nov 26, 2013

Halloween has been known to strike fear into the hearts of many, but in Vigan, this event is met with a celebration dubbed as The Raniag Twilight Festival. During this time, streets become filled with lights and the joyous cries of people participating in various activities hang thick in the air. This year’s Raniag Twilight Festival dazzled even more as various Kapuso stars journeyed north to take part in the momentous affair. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Janine Gutierrez of Villa Quintana

Nov 22, 2013

With Villa Quintana opening its gates to the public after more than a decade since it first appeared on-air, the cast of the 2013 remake has begun basking in the limelight. Kapuso Abroad Weekly caught up with Janine Gutierrez -- who will be gracing the screens as the privileged heiress Lynette alongside Elmo Magalona’s Isagani -- to get some insights straight from the young actress.   Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez Celebrates 25 Colorful Years in the U.S.

Nov 21, 2013

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is like wine for a couple of reasons. Not only is it easy to get addicted to her voice but she also gets better as a singer and performer with time, as attendees of the Silver… Regine @ 25 concert would know. The Asia’s Songbird flew to the United States to celebrate her colorful 25 years in showbiz and show why she remains to be one of the nation’s – if not the world’s – best vocalists. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: My Husband's Lover Cast To Captivate Fans In the US

Nov 19, 2013

After leaving a mark on the hearts of the Filipinos across the nation, the cast of My Husband’s Lover – which chronicles the struggles of Lally, her closeted husband Vincent, and her husband’s lover, Eric -- is set to captivate audiences abroad who can’t get enough of the show that defied cultural norms and bravely tackled the intricacies of issues on homosexuality. Read more


New York City hosts hack for good to help build a resilient Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

Nov 19, 2013

NEW YORK, NY (Tuesday, November 19, 2013) — In response to Typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines on November 8 with devastating consequences, over 50 software developers, designers and strategists gathered at the Projective Space in New York City over the weekend to hack for good. Read more

KAPUSO ABROAD: Kapuso Stars Add More Color to Masskara 2013

Nov 18, 2013

The Masskara Festival has always been a colorful celebration, but this year, the world-renowned event was even more vibrant, thanks to a slew of the brightest Kapuso stars who gamely joined in the festivities. Andrea Torres, Rochelle Pangilinan, Mark Herras, Boobay, and Marian Rivera all had the time of their lives basking in the glow of Bacolod’s crowded streets while entertaining hordes of avid fans. Read more

Shaw Cable offers GMA Pinoy TV for free to help Yolanda victims

Nov 14, 2013

With the hope of mobilizing Filipinos in Canada to extend much needed assistance to victims of Supertyphoon Yolanda, Shaw Cable is running a free preview of GMA Pinoy TV until Sunday, November 17.   Read more