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  • The yummy fruits of Davao

    Anyone visiting Davao City would not miss buying fruits as take-home treats for their families and friends. Find out which fruits are popular in the what has been dubbed as the Fruit Basket of the Philippines.
  • How much meat do crocodiles eat for breakfast?

    "Unang Hirit" finds out how much meat crocodiles housed in a sanctuary in Davao City consume for breakfast.
  • UH Almusal Festival sa Davao City

  • Know more about lung cancer cause, cure

    Does talcum powder cause lung cancer? Does low tar content in cigarettes minimize risk of the disease? Find out the answers in this segment from "Unang Hirit."
  • The many uses of bamboo

    Bamboo has been used for furniture and other tools. But "Unang Hirit" discovers more ways to use bamboo, may it be in for transportation, construction or even fashion!