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Personalized Valentine's Day gift ideas

By Dianara Alegre

It may be difficult to celebrate the month of romance and love because of unprecedented circumstances, but it won't hurt if you try. You can still make Valentine's Day extra special for your romantic partner, family, and friends.

There are plenty of ways to show your loved ones you care about them. A simple, heartfelt greeting would be enough for many, but for some, a gift is a welcome surprise. For those who want to cherish the moment by giving gifts, we've rounded up a few gift ideas to help get you started on your surprise.

Forget about chocolates and bouquets, these personalized items are much more special.

1. Personalized jewelry

We all know that a piece of jewelry makes for the ultimate timeless gift. However, you may want to level up its romantic touch by personalizing it. You can now buy jewelry that you can engrave with photos, signature, messages, and even thumbprints.

To help you decide, entrepreneur Angela Aguilera of Printave: Print & Engrave On Demand offers necklaces that come in different shapes that you can have engraved.

Source: Unang Hirit Facebook page

2. Couple bracelets

Entrepreneur Angela Aguilera of Printave: Print & Engrave On Demand also sells personalized gold bracelets. For those who prefer black over gold, she has black-colored bracelets, too.

Source: Unang Hirit Facebook page

3. Polymer clay dolls

Since more people are getting into collecting polymer clay dolls, we think it's cute and fun to have your own little doll that looks like you and your loved one.

Don't worry because entrepreneur and artist Kathryn Buendia of Kraf Tee had started accepting orders for Valentine's Day. Her clay doll's price ranges from P599 to P650.

Source: Unang Hirit Facebook page

4. Acrylic lamp

Instead of an ordinary lamp, gift your loved one with a lamp that has a photo of yourself or your loved one. And like most LED lamps, this one also changes colors.

You can buy this Acrylic lamp from Bea's Personalized Items Facebook page for only P950.

Source: Unang Hirit Facebook page

5. Hydro flasks

Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Obviously, you want your loved ones to be healthy as well. Gifting them a good water bottle with sentimental value may help them be more mindful of staying hydrated whether they're on-the-go, at the gym, or just working from home.

Source: littleofficelife_mnl (Instagram)

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