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Is it beyond our control or do we make our own?  These questions and other musings about the past and the future set the tone as we sail into the year’s most anticipated film about love and life.

Six people are brought together on a seven-day cruise that will change their lives forever.

A hopeless romantic searches for the right man for her, while dreaming of becoming a singer.  A successful businessman searches for the truth about a woman from his past.  A senior housekeeper finds out that it is never too late to find true love.  A young waiter finds the woman of his dreams, but she is beyond his reach.  A young brat finds out that love does not have to be as complicated as her love-hate relationship with her mother.  And a sexy lounge singer  searches for the perfect man who will keep his promises and who will never leave her.

This comedy-romance-drama-musical will make you swoon, cry, laugh, and fall in love all over again.  While it takes you to three continents around the world (Asia, Africa, and Europe), it is nevertheless an intimate film about searching for love, following your dreams, and making your own destiny.  

Cast Information

Destiny ‘Des’ Pinlac played by Jolina Magdangal
Des dreams of becoming a singer but is actually a housekeeper. She goes on the cruise hoping to meet the man of her life.

Stella Sembrano played by Rufa Mae Quinto
Stella is sexy and attractive and used to getting her way. She sings in the cruise lounge.

Paolo Guzman played by Dennis Trillo
Paolo is an aloof playboy who is traveling to his past, trying to find out what happened to the woman he once loved most.
Lovely Mercado played by Eugene Domingo
Twice engaged, twice jilted, is it too late for Lovely to fall in love?
Nathan Reyes played by Mark Herras
Nathan was orphaned early and works for his adoptive family. He is practical and not very romantic. And then he meets Phoebe.

Phoebe Villaroso played by Rhian Ramos
The cruise is a graduation gift from her mom. Phoebe is independent and just the tiniest bit spoiled and is not expecting to meet someone like Nathan.

Budoy Pinlac played by Aljur Abrenica
The responsible younger brother ni Des.  

Elena Villaroso played by Ida Henares
The strict mother of Phoebe.