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Mulawin the Movie

It is a time of peace for the Mulawins – a race of winged humans that have rid their world of their arch nemesis, the Ravenas. Mulawins Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez) and Alwina’s (Angel Locsin) plan for a peaceful life as mortals unravels when their boat to Tierra Fuego (The realm of man) gets caught in a violent storm. They are cast away to separate shores, forced to live separately, their memories washed away with the tides. Aguiluz is adopted by a humble farmer and Alwina becomes the surrogate daughter of a wealthy family and is engaged to be married.

But a new period in the saga of Mulawin unfolds as Pirena “the fire maiden” uses the “gintong binhi” to bring Ravenum, the leader of the Ravenas, back to life. Ravenum summons a dragon (Buwarka) and raises an army of Ravenas to wreak havoc in Avila, the land of the Mulawins. The Encantadas and the Tres Aves (a legendary trio of heroes with special abilities) rush to aid the Mulawin. But ultimately the fate of Avila and the Mulawin race now hinges on the reunion, the valor, and the love of its two greatest champions: Aguiluz and Alwina.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez as Aguilaz 
Angel Locsin as Alwina
Dennis Trillo as Gabriel
Paolo Contis as Banoy
Bianca King as Aviona
Boy2 Quizon as Palong
Sam Bumatay as Wis
Miguel Tanfelix as Gas
Nicole Anderson as Langay
Michael De Mesa as Ravenum
Sunshine Dizon as Pirena
Eddie Gutierrez as Dakila
Iza Calzado as Amihan
Valerie Concepcion as Danaya
Karylle as Alena
Dindong Dantes as Ybrahim
Amy Austria as Fiona
Zoren Legaspi as Bagwis
Carmina Villaroel as Salimbay
Allan Paule as Temyong
Mel Kimura as Marta
Dion Ignacio as Tayag
Julianne Lee as Lagring
Jay Aquitania as Mulagat
Arthur Solinap as Murong