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One True Love

Finally after 3 years of courtship, medical intern Miguel marries Joy, a nurse in the hospital of his residency. Days before the wedding, his first love and childhood best friend Bella comes back, still single and still in love with Migs. Migs introduces Joy to her. Their meeting provides some ill-feelings of jealousy and envy, both uncomfortable.

On their honeymoon, Migs gets up early to buy flowers for Joy.  But on his way back to the resort with the bunch of flowers, he gets into an accident.  His head hits a solid rock and damages his frontal lobe, resulting to lacunar amnesia – a type of amnesia that blocks off time periods from one’s memory. In Migs’s case, it blocks off the 3 years he was in love with Joy, now he is stuck with the memories of Bella, 3 years before he met Joy.  

Acceptance is difficult for Joy, the thought of not being remembered becomes devastating and agonizing every passing day. She vows to make his heart remember what his mind cannot. Will she compete with Bella, who Migs still remembers as his true love?

It’s the heart that stores the memories…it’s the heart that remembers, what the mind forgets…fondly, clearly and completely.

Cast Information

MIGS  played by Dingdong Dantes
He is 28 years old and a neurologist in the same hospital where Joy works as a nurse. He and Bella were childhood sweethearts until the time Bela went to Canada.

Three years ago, Migs was a medical intern in the teaching hospital. Drove his motorbike on dates. From his very classy and discriminating taste he became “easier to handle,” down-to-earth when he met Joy. He adjusted to the simplicity of her character and appreciated everything about her. He became more understanding and compassionate.
After the accident, there is a complete turn-around, forgetting Joy and being married to her. With lacunar amnesia and the medications, he develops mood swings, feels like he is in limbo all the time, hallucinates and is confused. He also forgets all the events that transpired 3 years ago. Will he ever get his memory back? Will he remember loving Joy now that he doesn’t even know her?

JOY played by Marian Rivera
She is 25 years old at the time of her marriage to Migs. She is a registered nurse, working in the same hospital where Migs took his residency.
She was uncertain of accepting Migs’ proposal for fear of Bella coming back. Joy always harbored the thought that maybe she was just an available substitute, a first aide to a broken and aching heart.  She is the opposite of Bella - simple and quite unassuming. She would rather keep her thoughts to herself and act on it with a serene disposition and inner strength.

After the accident, Joy patiently designs ways to make Migs remember. She is determined to win him back, even if she is not combative and assertive enough to confront Bella. And even when she falls pregnant, she chooses to keep quiet about it and forges on.

BELLA played by Iza Calzado
Bella is 27 years old when she returns for Migs’ wedding. A family friend she plays “Ate” (older sister) to Migs’ sister Ara.

She was madly in love with Migs until the time she left for the US for their restaurant business. Upon her return, she feels a quiet jealousy and envy whenever she sees Joy with Migs. She realizes that she never stopped loving him.
After the accident, Bella takes advantage of love the second time, and though she carries some guilt, in her heart “she was the first.” Soon she develops the fear of Migs’ memory come back.  

Other Characters :
Ava played by Bianca King
The younger sister of Migs. Lonely, impulsive and wants to impress Bela all the time.

Raya played by Jenica Garcia
The younger sister of Joy.

Mrs. Robles played by Tessie Tomas
A head nurse that turns landlady for Joy and Raya. She has all the wisdom for broken relationships and is supportive as well as compassionate.

Mommy played by Pinky Marquez
She is the mother of Migs who does not take sides.

Daddy played by Chinggoy Alonzo
The father of Migs who is  about to retire as an engineer. He is a supportive father, who always insists on doing the “right thing right.”  

Lola played by Boots Anson-Roa
Joy’s endearing grandmother who is based in the province