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Patient X

The family of the chief of police is massacred in a small town. The cops capture one of the perpetrators, a woman named Guada who turns out to be an “aswang”. She is locked up in the basement of a hospital and while being held captive, Guada asks to speak to only one person- Lukas Esguerra.  

In the city, Lukas Esguerra is a pediatric surgeon recently haunted by a recurring dream: As a ten-year old boy, he wanders into the dark woods chased by “aswangs” and is rescued by a beautiful woman, Guada.

Guada and her three brothers once worked for Lukas’ family in the province when he was a young boy. When Lukas witnessed her older brother being murdered by Guada’s brothers, she and her siblings fled and were never seen again.

Lukas travels back to the province curious of the murderous woman who wants to see him. He is stunned when he meets Guada again who has not aged a single day since he last saw her.

That fateful night reconnects Lukas to his past. Guada attempts to shed light on what happened twenty years ago while Guada’s three brothers, all aswangs, prepare to rescue their sister. Trapped inside the hospital, Lukas has no choice but to trust Guada again if he wants to survive the murderous rampage of the aswangs.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez as Lukas Esguerra