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Romano and his men are ambushed in a military operation. He nearly dies but wakes up after being in coma for several days. His life will never be the same again. Something is different.

He resigns from the military and goes into seclusion in their Baguio ancestral house after realizing that he now has a supernatural gift.

Romano sees ghosts. But he sees ghost only around people who will soon encounter sudden, tragic deaths. And there is one constant apparition that caps his vision whenever he sees ghosts - that of a really tall and thin woman, horrible and menacing.

Romano’s blind sister, Isabel, seeks help from one their childhood friends, Louella, now a medical doctor. Louella uses Isabel’s blindness as an excuse to bring Romano out of his seclusion. They travel from Baguio to Manila so Isabel can see a doctor.

An aspiring actress, Kristina, a widow, Lumen, and her son, Eric, travel with them to Manila along with Louella’s driver, Baste. The group avoids a tragic accident on the road but soon, the passengers begin dying, one by one, each through a violent death.

As Romano understands his gift to save people from their imminent gifts, he also realizes that the thin woman from his visions bears nothing but malice and ill will. Can Romano keep his loved ones safe?

Cast Information

ROMANO (ROBIN PADILLA) – a military operative who resigns from his job after a near-death encounter, which triggered the opening of his mystic eye allowing him to see ghosts.

LOUELLA (SUNSHINE DIZON)– Gary’s childhood friends, a pediatrician who tries to help Gary out and  harbors affection for him.

ISABEL (RHIAN RAMOS)– Gary’s younger sister, blind and frail, is suddenly haunted by the death of the people around her.

KRISTINA (KATRINA HALILI)– an aspiring actress who hitches a ride with Gary not knowing of the tragic fate that awaits her.

BASTE (MARK BAUTISTA)– Louella’s loyal driver whom Gary tries to save.
LUMEN (GLYDEL MERCADO)– Louella’s neighbor whose husband just died.

ERIC (HERO BAUTISTA)– Lumen’s son, who is haunted by the sudden death of both his parents.

ELMA – a survivor of a massacre whom Gary discovers has the same gift as him.

KAMATAYAN – the tall, lanky and thin spirit who orchestrates the death of everyone.

MENGGAY – Gary’s trusted help in the Baguio household.