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Death Row

Sonny is an unloved orphan raised in the slums of Manila. Pressured by his friends, he resorts to thievery. During one heist, his friend accidentally kills an old woman. When the police arrive, Sonny gets arrested. A minor unable to prove his innocence, he was convicted for murder and sent to prison.

Inside Death Row, he is welcomed to the cruel and horrifying world of his inmates. But among these hardened souls is a gruff old man who takes Sonny under his wing. He is Sinat, Sonny’s protector and savior inside prison.

Cast Information

Lolo Sinat             EDDIE GARCIA
Sonny                   COGIE DOMINGO
Gina                      JACKLYN JOSE
Donat                    ARCHIE ADAMOS
Ruben                   RICHARD ARELLANO
Teban                   ALVIN BERNALES
Nardo                   NONIE BUENCAMINO
Lucas                    MON CONFIADO
Digo                      SOLIMAN CRUZ
Tuko                     JOE GRUTA
Bangaw                 NANDING JOSEF
Assunta                 TONY MABESA
Fajardo                  SPANKY MANIKAN
Gabino                  PEN MEDINA
Cenon                   ALAN PAULE
Lupe                     JIM PEBANGCO
Mio                       RAY VNETURA