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The Promise

Daniel is a runaway kid who is adopted by Gustin when he finds the boy hiding in his truck. His daughter Andrea immediately welcomes Daniel and develops a deep friendship with him. His brother Jason, however, thinks that his father favors Daniel over him, causing him to confront Daniel in a fit of jealous rage. Gustin scolds his son, who runs away from home. 
As Daniel and Andrea grow up, they fall in love with each other. They make a promise: their love for each other will withstand any test, even that of time. But when Gustin dies tragically in a car accident, a vindictive Jason comes back to take control over his sister’s life and punish Daniel. Their love is put in further peril as hacienda heir and heiress Anton and Monique enter the lives of the young lovers, threatening to pull them apart.
Inspired by the literary classic “Wuthering Heights”, The Promise explores the innocence of young love, the weight of vengeance, and the edges of passion.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez as Daniel Meneses - adopted son of the caretaker of an hacienda
Angel Locsin as Andrea Meneses - only daughter of the caretaker
TJ Trinidad as Anton De Vera - son of the haciendero
Rhian Ramos as Monique De Vera - Aanton's younger sister
Ryan Eigenmann as Jason Meneses - older brother of Andrea
Joel Torre as Gustin Meneses - adoptive father of Daniel