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Let the Love Begin

When the feeling is true, can love be too far behind? Let the love begin.
How can you fall in love with someone you’ve only seen from afar? How can you let her know your feelings when she’s just too far away from you? And just when everything seemed hopeless maybe, just maybe she feels the same way too.
Eric and Samantha, two people who are exact opposites of each other, find love in the most unusual of circumstances. While Eric is working student who has earn a living as a janitor in Samantha’s school in order to pay for his education, she is a rich girl who may have everything she needs in life but nothing she truly hopes for. When an opportunity to finally get close to Samantha comes along, Eric takes it and gives it his all even though she still has yet to know that he is her mysterious savior. And just when he musters enough courage to come clean with his feelings, Samantha is forced by almost tragic circumstances to choose between having the love she has always hoped for and proving her loyalty and worth to her family. Will they ever get the chance to finally meet? Is there any hope for their love to grow?
Let the love Begin stars Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin play Eric and Pia respectively, the lovers who may be worlds apart in social standing but are definitely connected by their genuine feelings for each other. Ultimate Starstruck Survivors Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado also take on the roles of Eric’s close friends, Luigi, the playboy and Alex, the tomboy; who just may have their own love story to tell.
Is there a happy ending in store for the two pairs? There might be, if they just let the love begin.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez
Angel Locsin
Mark Herras
Jennylyn Mercado
Gloria Romero
Paolo Contis