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The film opens with Kumander Bungo, a video blogger who spouts acid social commentary against the Philippine nation. He ends his web video with an imminent warning that something big is going to happen.

Jody Amistoso (Lauren Young), a lonely Executive Assistant working for Hunterton Pharmaceuticals. Her life is not pleasant. Her father is a drunken gambler. Her mother is chain-smoker struck with emphysema. She also has a younger brother named Bryan (Renz Valerio). Jody provides for her family. She pays all the bills, including Bryan’s tuition fees. Jody’s dream is to find a handsome man who will whisk her away from her obligations to her family.

Jody is tasked by his boss, Mr. Alonzo (Roi Vinzon), in organizing a press conference for the company—which is currently in hot water with the press, on charges of abduction and illegal human testing.

On a Friday evening, Jody is hard at work on her computer. On her computer, a long-time chat mate asks her if they could finally meet up for dinner. Tired and lonely, Jody obliges to meet the mystery man.

Jody and her chat mate meet up in a restaurant. His name is Dom (Richard Gutierrez).The sparks fly between them. Dom invites Jody to a motel and Jody obliges.

While at the motel, Jody senses that something is not right with Dom. Dom stabs Jody with a tranquilizer, knocking Jody out.

Jody wakes up the next morning and finds a bomb strapped to her stomach. Dom tells her that she should immediately go to her office, and when the time for the press conference comes, she should let the bomb explode and kill all those present. Or else…Dom will kill her brother.

Meanwhile, Lola Vi (Mitch Valdes), a retired lady cop is on the last day of her job. She is discharged from the police force due to her age and respiratory problems.

As she settles back into her lonely apartment, she sees a boy being abducted by her neighbor next door.

Intrigued, she dives head-on into an unsanctioned investigation on her own, and tries to rescue Bryan from Dom.

As this is happening, Jody heads to her office and uses her wits in playing the terrorist’s deadly game. Dom communicates with Jody via a headset, and tells her the rules of the game along the way.

With the help of an IT technician, Raffy (Bearwin Meily), she devises a plan to avert this terrifying ordeal.

The plot thickens. We discover that Dom was an employee of the pharmaceutical company. Years ago, he tried to blow the whistle on the company upon discovering an underground clinic that tests drugs on street children. He survived a murder attempt orchestrated by Mr. Alonzo, and swore vengeance upon the company thereafter.

Jody, with the help of Raffy, stops the bomb. His plan ruined, Dom heads to Hunterton Pharma to steal a tape of incriminating evidence that he hid behind a portrait of Mr. Alonzo.

The police arrive. Mr. Alonzo asks Jody where to surrender the tape. When Jody declines, Mr. Alonzo holds Jody at gunpoint. When Mr. Alonzo plans an escape through the elevator, they encounter Dom inside. The two tussle with a pistol, until Dom is able to fire a shot into Mr. Alonzo’s throat. The elevator door opens with the corpse of Mr. Alonzo, but without a trace of Dom.

Jody surrenders the tape to the police. Through the commotion, he sees Dom’s face disappear into a crowd of people.

She goes home, with her brother in tow. She stares out the car’s window, triumphant but scarred.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez as Dom Garcia
He has an anonymous video blogger identity named Kumander Bungo. He loves the Philippines and fights corruption and injustice through video blogging

Lauren Young as Jody Amistoso
An Exective Assistant working at Hunterton Pharma, she came from a once-well?off family until her mom got sick and her dad fell in to alcoholism and gambling

Renz Valerio as Brian Amistoso
A 13-year-old student who loves her sister and does not want her sister to suffer. Like Jody, he is smart and he’s a fighter.

Roi Vinzon as Mr.Alonzo
A successful Filipino businessman who owns a pharmaceutical company. He believes in saving lives of millions over a few sacrifices.

Bearwin Meily as Raffy San Diego
An IT specialist at Hunterton Pharma, he is lonely and depressed. He is in love with Jodi because he thinks she is as intelligent as him. He has been courting Jodi for a year and is willing to take a bullet for her.

Mitch Valdes as Lola Vi
Still an SPO1 at the age of 60, she is a desk worker/file clerk at a police station. She believes that she’s destined to be a great policewoman.

Roadfill Macasero as Bhoy Tinapay
Once the greatest carnapper in Manila, he is now reformed and a religious devotee. He decides to help Lola Vi in rescuing Brian.