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Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

MAKOY, SONIA, NESTOR and baby MAKY are on the first bus out to Manila right after the ending of the first franchise. Makoy and Sonia talk about plans for their family but they are still far from safe. On their heels, the Kubot aswang led by their elder, VERON is in pursuit. A kindred of the massacred Tiktik, this new clan is out for vengeance.

Makoy loses his left arm in the attack and then witnesses Veron devour his wife and walk away with his son for dessert. 2 years later, Makoy and Nestor have settled in with Makoy’s sister NIEVES and her daughter JOANNE.

Now with a makeshift artificial arm fitted for a mechanic’s needs courtesy of the scrappy but talented couple BENJIE and STACEY, Makoy leads a life away from trouble but it seems running into trouble is in their blood.

Nieves’ nosiness, leads her to a dangerous discovery that propels the family in the middle of an aswang power-struggle. Nieves finds out that her boss, LEX, is an aswang who is out to stop her fellow, led by DOM, from infecting humans to become aswang.

Makoy helps out but only as a means to avenge Sonia and their son. In the process, however, he comes to understand the aswangs he loathes through Lex and other good aswang like her. In the end, when he gets his chance to kill Veron, he backs down to Veron’s surprise. Now sharing the same foe in the face of Dom, Makoy and Veron fight together with Lex, Nieves and Nestor and thwart the spread of the infected human body parts hotdog.

In return for Makoy’s mercy, Veron makes peace and brings back something that Makoy thought he had lost forever—his son Maky.

Cast Information

Dingdong Dantes as Makoy
Isabelle Daza as Lex
Lotlot de Leon as Nieves
Joey Marquez as Nestor
KC Montero as Dom
Elizabeth Oropesa as Veron
Julie Anne San Jose as Stacey
Abra as Benjie
Jasmin Hodges as Joanne
Ramon Bautista as Justiniani
Bogart the Explorer as Macapagal
Alonzo Muhlach and Mona Louise Rey as mga batang aswangs