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My Bebe Love

VITO CARRILLO (Vic Sotto) and CORA TALATALA (AiAi de la Alas) belong to the same profession. They owned companies that mounted events, special get-togethers, including weddings. Both VITO and CORA were self-made professionals, rising from the ranks until finally achieving not only financial independence but reverberating success.

VITO is a widower who never looked at another woman after his wife, Ria, perished. He dedicated his entire life to his work but most especially to his daughter, ANNA (Maine “YayaDub” Mendoza).

CORA, on the other hand, is the personification of the saying “lucky with money, unlucky with love.” Although she has become obsessed with making more and more money, she developed a fear of returning to her roots of poverty. She had numerous attempts at relationships with a variety of men but they all failed miserably. Thus, she too dedicated her life to her businesses and the nephew that her sister left behind as a baby, DONDI (Alden Richards).

Inasmuch as they are so different from one another, VITO was calm and businesslike, tasteful and critical in thinking while CORA is loud, aggressive, sometimes vulgar and too brave for her own good, they had one glaring thing in common --- they were both very lonely and trying to outgrow the painful losses of the past in order to find true happiness again.

Unfortunately incidents crossed the paths of VITO and CORA. It all started with a road accident that accelerated into a professional competition as to who would get to keep a venue for their respective events scheduled on the same day.

They both vowed to hate each other because of their completely opposite personalities --- and mainly because they cannot stand the mere sight of one another. Even VITO’s faithful assistant, CIELO, could not appease this private war between two competing company owners. Things really went from bad to worse when the entanglements reached the level of the people they loved the most. DONDI and ANNA chanced on each other and it was love at first sight.

When they realized that their elders, his auntie and her father, would raise hell if they found out about their developing relationship, they asked the help of CIELO to make arrangements to see each other and kindle their growing love.

But, most unfortunately, both VITO and CORA discovered about their developing involvement and decided to agree to keep the kids apart … because they could not fathom the idea of their existence intertwining. In the process, even more complications arose. When DONDI turned down CORA’s offer to take up graduate studies abroad … and ANNA refused to be stationed in Cebu to head his father’s business expansion, the two elders were dumbfounded.

And the irony was that as they connived to keep their lives apart, they began to get to know each other better. All the reasons why they hated each other became the very causes for really liking one another. Even CORA’s obsession for videoke and the songs of Aegis was something that VITO eventually found completely charming.

Thus came the twist.

When VITO and CORA found themselves isolated in a resort in Zambales and ending up more than intimate, they realized that they were falling for each other. Now it was the turn of DONDI and ANNA to react to the situation. They did not like the idea of HIS auntie and HER father falling in love with each other.

So where will all this end? What are the possible solutions and resolutions to bring closure and new beginnings to these star-crossed lovers?

Cast Information

Vic Sotto as Vito Carillo 
AiAi Delas Alas as Cora Talatala
Maine Mendoza as Anna Carillo
Alden Richards as Dondi