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Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote

Two characters cross paths and face an exciting, comedic and magical journey together.
Agimat, a character derived from the original Pepeng Agimat tale, is a hero with a mission from the land of Mahapay.

In his quest to destroy the  monsters that have plagued his land and slaughtered his people, he manages to follow the one named Balgogg through a portal.

Enteng, a mortal man married to a Fairy named Faye meets Agimat by accident when the portal leads Agimat to Encantasia. Enteng welcomes the hero in his earthly home and introduces him to the family.

As Enteng and Agimat face challenges in the Black Forest, they combine their wits and power to overcome the wicked fairy Satana, who happens to be Ina Magenta’s sister. Their adventures will bring to life zombies &  creatures, including the fiery Snake Monster called Ragat.

Cast Information

Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto)- mortal husband of Faye, do it yourself technician
Agimat (Bong Revilla)- hero from another land
Faye (Gwen Zamora) – fairy wife of Enteng
Samara (Sam Pinto)- love interest of Agimat from his land
Ina Magenta (Amy Perez)- Fairy mother of Faye
Satana (Bing Loyzaga)- Wicked Fairy, sister of Ina Magenta, villainess
Ragat  (Alex Crisano)- Snake monster, villain
Balgogg (Boy Roque)- Halimaw from Agimat’s land, villain
Abugan (Benjie Paras)- Villain from Agimat’s land
Ragat  (Er Ejercito)- Villain from the Underworld
Balgogg (Robert Hernandez)- Halimaw from Agimat’s land, villain
Burgog (King Gutierrez)- side kick of Ragat
Aisa (Aisa Seguerra)- eldest daughter of Enteng, nagja-japan, mortal
Benok (Oyo Sotto)- police, son of Enteng and Faye, fairy
Ada (Mikaela Ramirez)- youngest daughter of Enteng & Faye, fairy
Bratty (Barbie Forteza)- spoiled brat, sosyal inaanak of Enteng
Amy (Ruby Rodriguez)- helper in the Kabisote household
Jose (Jose Manalo)- husband of Amy, assistant/sidekick of Enteng
Upaw (Wally Bayola)- bodyguard of Bratty
Jayson (Joshua Dionisio)- male fairy
Aryanna (Ellen Adarna)- babaeng ibon, enkantada
Bebeng (Jillian Ward)- little girl from Mayhapay, Agimat’s land
Sitang (Junyka Santarin)- playmate of Bebeng
Bansot (Kim Thomas Bon)- midget boy, playmate of Bebeng & Sitang
Asupre (Alex Crisano) – villain from the mutation of Satana & Abugan
Punong Isiah (Amay Bisaya) – Mahapay village chieftain
Ermitanyo (Peque Gallaga)
Prinsipe K (Bayani Casimiro, Jr.) – male fairy from Enkantasya
Amazona (Danielle Castaño) – one of Satana’s follower
Udoy (Jake Vargas)- boy from Agimat’s land who will help fight the halimaws
Saling (Bea Benene)- girl from Agimat’s land who will help Udoy fight the halimaws