The trailer of 'The King: Eternal Monarch' episode 7 is here

After leaving everyone hanging last week, Netflix released the trailer to the upcoming 7th episode of "The King: Eternal Monarch."

The trailer teases viewers with scenes of Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go Eun) bickering adorably. Meanwhile, the trailer shows a character revealing a pattern in the parallel universe: one of the doppelgangers always dies.

A certain Luna will also be found in the new episode.


The King: Eternal Monarch is a Korean drama series about two star-crossed lovers from parallel universes: Emperor Lee Gon from a Korea that is run as a constitutional monarchy and Jung Tae Eul from present-day South Korea.

Fresh new episodes drop on Netflix every Friday and Saturday night at 10:30pm. — Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News