Howitzers fired, attack helicopters flew in Balikatan exercises

By GMA Integrated News

Participants in the Balikatan exercises between Philippine and US forces on Friday used long-range fire assets such as a howitzer which can hit a target more than 40 kilometers away.

According to the "24 Oras" report of GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon's Russel Simorio, the troops fired a 155 mm howitzer for a target 45 kilometers away.

Also put to use was a 105 mm howitzer that can hit a target 12 kilometers away.


It is essential to learn how to use the long-range fire assets to defend the country against any threat of terrorism.

Attack helicopters were also flown and demonstrated how to hit ground targets from the air.

"It really enhances our interoperability of our forces. Both the ground forces and ibang-ibang branches ng AFP like Army, Marines at Air Force kasama na ang US counterpart,” public information officer Major Al Anthony Pueblas said of the exercises. —Sherylin Untalan/NB, GMA Integrated News