Super Radyo DZBB 594 kHz is the flagship AM radio station of Radio GMA Network Inc. (RGMA, a subsidiary of GMA Network Inc.) in the Philippines. It is one of the top stations in the AM band in Metro Manila and is recognized as one of the most awarded radio stations in the Philippines by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas or KBP.


Benjie Liwanag

Benjie Liwanag has been a radio reporter and talent for DZBB-GMA Network for over a decade.

Carlo Marcos Mateo

Carlo Marcos Mateo is known as the Storm Chaser.

Cecil Villarosa

With six years on industry experience, Cecil is considered relatively new in the industry.

Francis “Kiko” Flores

Francis “Kiko” Flores has been an anchorman for “Super Radyo Nationwide”since May 1998.

Jimmy Gil

A graduate with of Far Eastern University, Jimmy Gil began working for GMA as a reporter.

Joel Reyes Zobel

The iconic voice behind 24 Oras’ headlines, Joel Reyes Zobel provides biting and incisive news commentary for DZBB.

Lala Roque

Jesela “Lala” Roque-Galongca is a graduate of AB Mass Communications from Miriam College, where she served as Student Council President.

Manolo Favis

Manolo Favis has served 45 years in the broadcast and media business.

Melo del Prado

In his 22nd year in the broadcast industry, Marinduque native Melo del Prado has a lot to be proud of.

Orly Trinidad

Orlando “Orly” Trinidad was given a shot at anchoring a local radio newscast in Ilolio City back in 1993.

Raul Virtudazo

Raul Virtudazo is a broadcast journalist veteran and recipient of the Gawad Broadkaster Award from Gawad METRRO 2003.

Rose Clores

Rose Clores graduated with a degree in BS Nutrition. She uses this background on her show “Super Kalusugan.”

Rowena Salvacion

Rowena Salvacion has spent 17 years in the media industry.

Shirley Escalante

Shirley Escalante has been on the air since the 90s and has worked in the broadcasting industry for over two decades.

Susan Enriquez

Susan Enriquez began her career with GMA in 1989 as a writer and reporter for DZBB.

Arnold Clavio

Renowned anchor of Saksi, Unang Balita, and Balita Pilipinas; and host of Unang Hirit and Rescue, Arnold Clavio is also one of the most trusted voices in DZBB.

Mike Enriquez

The Senior Vice President of Radio GMA, Mike Enriquez is also the most recognizable voice in DZBB.

Ely Cruz Ramirez

 At over 70 years old, Ely Cruz Ramirez is one of the most veteran voices in the field.

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