GMA Playlist Live Vol 3
GMA Playlist

Listen to 'GMA Playlist Live Vol. 3,' out now!

By Bianca Geli
Published On: December 5, 2023, 3:17 PM

Stream these OPM tracks from ‘GMA Playlist Live vol. 3.’


GMA Playlist has released a new album for the freshest tracks from Playlist Live.
Listen and stream GMA Playlist Live Vol. 3 with these three live performances, Gloc-9's protégé Denise Barbacena's "Last Thing I'd Do"  composed by Rina May L. Mercado, mixed by Bryan P. Gajado, and produced by Rocky S. Gacho.

"Tama Na," performed by Kapuso Pop Rocker Anthony Rosaldo, composed by Anthony Rosaldo, arrangement by Simon L. Ta, mixed by Bryan P. Gajardo, and produced by Rocky S. Gacho.

And "Safe with Me," performed by actor Kim De Leon, composed by Natasha L. Correos, mixed by Andrea Rae N. Culla, and produced by Rocky S. Gacho.

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