Barangay chairman punched in basketball brawl in Tarlac City

By GMA Integrated News

A barangay official was punched while trying to pacify two groups in a brawl during a basketball game in Tarlac City.

According to a report on "State of the Nation", the brawl started when an altercation erupted between supporters of the two teams.

Chairman Rael Gatus of Barangay Mapalacsiao was hit during the scuffle.

"'Yung bata, akala niya siguro ay kaaway ko ang tatay niya, kaya sinuntok niya ako," Gatus said.


"Hindi niya alam na ako ang barangay chairman," he added.

The two groups has since settled their differences.

The person who punched the barangay chairman has issued a public apology. —NB, GMA Integrated News